We're coming back!

Our next season, Season 8 is coming up!

Season 7 Contestants

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    Kimberlynn Cartier

  • null

    Vyki Z LaRoxx

  • null

    Ivy Carter

  • null

    Chi Chi Scandelous Flame

  • null

    Ruby Liqueur

Eliminated Contestants

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    Brookelynne Basuka

Race Recap

Week 2

During Episode 2, we saw Ruby Liqueur, Kimberlynn Cartier and Ivy Carter in the top 3. Ruby took home the top spot this week.

We also saw the bottom 3 consist of Chi Chi Scandelous Flame, La Tigress and Vyki LaRoxx. Jazmine chose to send no one home this episode.

Tune in next month to see who goes home next!

Week 1

During Episode 1, we saw Brooklyn Basuka, Chi Chi Scandelous Flame, and Izzy A Star fall to the bottom 3.  After battling it out, Brookly Basuka was sent home.

We also saw the top 3 consist of Ivy Carter, La Tigress and Ruby Liqueur, with Ivy Carter taking the top spot of the week.